Little Spring in your life?

I am sure the sunshine is having the same wonderful effect on you and yours? I am soooo looking forward to longer, warmer days and not having to wear coats and scarves. If you are needing a few brightening lifts for your summer wardrobe, look no further. Maybe the Easter Bunny could even deliver them for you?

I struggle with the debate of carrying a BIG handbag around with all my "necessities" in it, or ditching it for a small cross-body. I know - first world problems! I like to always be able to fit my sunglasses, purse, lipstick, phone, tissues and a few other bits, so the bag can't be tiny. Fitting my purse in is a struggle. For years I have carried a large wallet type purse (which I love) with unknown numbers of receipts and loyalty cards etc. But it has dawned on me, that I rarely need any of the extra rubbish in there and am more than happy when I use a small zip purse on holidays. So what better time to hunt down something bright and springlike to put into your handbag to bring a smile to your face every time you open it? I have one of these and the leather is butter soft, the zip smooth and perfectly sized. It is a little tricky fitting notes in it, but going cashless is the way forward when you have teenagers always dipping into your cash anyway.

Obviously there are plenty of variations on this theme, but I am taken with the little slogans and the gorgeous colours of these and need look no further. If you are also in the market for a cross body/clutch bag to fit this into, and a pop of colour and happiness to your daily outfits, then take a look at these... First up a bigger pouch version of the coin purse at John Lewis. I am a sucker!

Kin Across Body Bag in silver £59

Kin Across Body Bag in silver £59

Hopefully these suggestions have put you in the right mood for Spring? Are you a sucker for a slogan like me?

As always, thanks so much for reading,

Meg xx