In and out of love with Gap

As a small town kiwi girl arriving into Europe many moons ago, I was totally enthralled by the huge variety of clothing brands! Being a very simple style kind of girl, I was thrilled to see Gap featuring on every High Street, after already having taken a shine to the label on my travels through the US. I was in LOVE! But over the years, I have had a very on and off relationship with Gap as their various designers have also come and gone. As a Mum of young boys, it was a fab place to stock up on basics which could go in the washing machine and tumble dryer and still be passed on to other families once my lot had outgrown them. But for myself I would have seasons where I couldn't even get past the front door as it all looked so sad and drab.

Lately I have had to force myself back in there to look around - it doesn't help that my Inbox is filled with discount codes from Gap and the shop floor always looks a disaster with sales everywhere. In the nature of research I was in there recently and found an amazing collection of new denim. You all know how much I love Zara jeans, but I do find they wear out and fade very quickly if you wash them too often. This makes me very sad, when I find a "perfect" pair! So I will share my latest discovery with you...

Top of my list are these Girlfriend jeans...perfect for the apple shaped amongst us who just cant wear boyfriend jeans without having a very saggy bum! The denim is particularly soft and worn and feels like a much more expensive designer brand. There are a multitude of washes and colours/shades to please us all.

Best Girlfriend Jeans £44.95 

Best Girlfriend Jeans £44.95 

Or if you are having a go at ditching your skinnies, but still enjoy a slimmer silhouette, give the Real Straight a whirl. With the bottoms turned up to show a bit of ankle (the roll-up will slim down your legs too), you have comfort and style easily done.

I have to admit that as much as I love a bit of ankle flashing, I am not finding it easy to get the right footwear for an ankle crop jean. To be totally honest, the flare and crop seem to take inches off your leg, which is not my aim!  Even these models don't look amazing...they seem to be screaming out for heels, which are not part of my everyday situation.

So while I am still hunting for the perfect crop kick jeans to wear with flats , I would say that doing the roll-up yourself is just much easier. Pretty much all of your footwear looks great with them. 

Go in and have a trying on session, or even better order lots of different sizes and try on at home with your own tops and shoes at your leisure. I am not pretending jeans-buying is easy, but I think you will be pleasantly surprised by these ones. 

Best of luck,

Meg xx