Top of my Wishlist

I have fallen in love with all things Spring - not difficult when it is still freezing cold outside at the moment?  Although I am not a big fan of wearing colours myself, I am always partial to a bit of Easter Pastel action...this Spring I "think" I am in the market for a blazer in a pale shade.  Maybe cream, white or blush pink?

It was this image which got me really looking...

Then I just HAD to look at what else is out there to fit the gap in my wardrobe...

I love the very casual nature of this creamy blazer...comfort but enough structure on the shoulder to help give you a nice shape. Comes in grey and black and navy also. Even better you can throw it into the washing machine, meaning it could be an everyday piece and not just for non-eating and drinking occasions!

This (above) looks like the perfect fit to me - and I am sucker for anything with a bit more stretch in it for everyday racing around. And the number below looks even easier to throw on as it is really a cardigan masquerading as a jacket. The short sleeves have me a bit confused, but perfect for our English summer when your Tee or camisole is not warm enough and this could dress you up nicely. The colour is supposed to be light grey, but it has a definite baby blue tint to it, which as much as I resist is a great colour for my skin tone.

Or maybe I could start with this version from Zara - easy on the purse and go from there? Just add some girlfriend jeans rolled up above your ankle, trainers, teeshirt  and bright coloured cross-body bag and everyday chic is yours. To glam it up for an evening, change up your footwear for a Granny block heel or strappy sandal, swap out your tee for a lacy camisole, add some dangly earrings, a cute clutch and off you go.

I will let you know how I get on!

meg xx