Anything goes...

You are not alone in wondering what on earth to wear at the moment...our winter wardrobes seem a bit dull after wearing them for a few months. I am hearing it from so many people right now. The same old scarves and coats everyday!  But we are mostly driven by the media and find it hard to not get caught up in having the latest and a bit of new to cheer us up. Imagine if we could all just be content, and stop overfilling our wardrobes?

Take the super cool Emmanuelle Alt, editor of French Vogue, as an example. This woman is rarely seen in any colour other than black, navy, grey, white or khaki. She wears trousers and a shirt/ tee and jacket most days. Her shoes are usually to die for, but vary between heels, trainers, flats and boots - almost always in black). She seems to only ever wear two different belts. Her hairstyle has been the same forever and her jewellery is practically only ever a very chic Cartier watch and an understated Hermes cuff.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Image courtesy of Pinterest

And yet this woman is a major Fashion Icon.

I believe the secret is in her self-confidence (not forgetting her Frenchness though!). Emmanuelle has found the clothes that work for her lifestyle, that flatter her best, that she feels great in, and has happily taken any of the pain out of dressing each day. Do you think she worries if anyone has seen her in that outfit before?! We all have, at least a million times, but we still covet each and every outfit and want to emulate her. She just wears what she wants to, despite being surrounded by fashionistas and models constantly. I don't think I have ever seen her in a dress, and certainly never any bright colours. She lets all the latest trends pass her by, but manages to still look far cooler than most.

For some of you, this way of dressing is boring and too plain. But for me it is undeniably cool and simple. I love the idea of dressing to please myself, and find it much easier as the years go by to embrace my own style and just get on with it. If you can be happy with your own wardrobe and style, you will definitely appear more confident and put-together to others. It doesn't mean you don't love the current trends, or bright colours, or pretty dresses, just that you prefer them on other people! Or you pick one trend at a time and just dip your toe in slightly?

Try not to be concerned about the opinion of others (much easier if you have comfortable clothes on that make you feel good, than too tight or too short, or too bright!). One of my pet moans is girls who spend their time constantly fidgeting with their clothes and looking seriously uncomfortable in their own skin. Forget about copying the magazines and catwalks, until you have figured out what your best look is and go from there. Adapt a few current trends to suit your individual style and build up your basic uniform pieces to give out the message of who you really are. What do your clothes say about you? Embrace your body and learn to love it with all it's imperfections. 

Wear whatever you feel best in, because lets face it, we all need to feel great to battle everyday life!

Thanks for reading,

Meg xx