Do you have FOMO?

I have to admit I do (cue embarrassed face emoticon)...

My latest FOMO has been the Hush Sample sale. Now I am NOT a very good sales shopper. I do not like the urgency, snap decisions, queues, lack of organisation etc etc. But I just needed a glimpse of their sale email and I was a goner. I knew I would be going before I had even read the dates. 

I learnt a few lessons there this morning from a lovely girl, that I thought some of you might enjoy, just in case you are still thinking of going for a wee nosy tomorrow (there are a lot of bargains and they seem to be bringing new stock out constantly).

The girl who had the whole scenario totally sussed let me in on her game plan. It seemed pretty perfect to me...

- She arrived at 10am first in the queue

- She had her own vast Ikea type carrier bag to throw all her picks into for trying on later

- She was in no rush and was planning to spend a few hours trying on and slowly sorting through her huge pile to eventually have a total wardrobe at sample prices!

- She was dressed "as if I am naked but really I am totally covered". Meaning she had leggings and a longline fitted vest on so that she could try all her new items over the top and not worry about flashing the crowds (there are no changing rooms!)

- She knew the brand and her sizes and had a vague idea of items she had her eye on

- She was happy to take her time and rummage through to the bottom of each box for that special find (and she had a few I was hoping she might let go of before I had to leave!)

- She was focussed and enjoying herself at the same time

Why not go and see what you can find for yourself and if you have the same talent this lovely girl had, you will definitely be in for some amazing bargains from one of my favourite online stores...


Good luck!

Meg xx