What To Wear On Long Haul Flights

It always sounds so glamorous when people are jetting off to a faraway destination...but the getting there reality is not as much fun as we might imagine! I have done a fair amount of those hideous journeys with and without babies and children and am still looking for the PERFECT comfortable and still chic outfit...I want to look as put together as this at boarding AND landing...

It seems so effortlessly chic, right? But in my life jeans are way too restrictive to wear for more than 7 hours sitting on a plane. A blazer will have to be hung up as soon as I board (meaning extra hand luggage as I will freeze without another layer!), the heeled boots are never fitting back on my swollen feet, and my hair will be so filled with static I will be desperate to tie it up.  

But I think I can find a halfway, pretty acceptable, version of this for my upcoming 13 hours on Singapore Airlines... read on if you are looking for some inspiration.

First tip is to please make sure your underwear is super comfortable and breathable! Often we just forget this step in our angst at getting the outer garments right. There seems to be some weird situation where as soon as I have been in the airplane for a few hours, I start to feel really bloated all over and my joints start to swell. This actually is due to the increase in altitude and affects different people in different ways. I cannot bare to have an underwired bra as it is so constrictive once the bloat hits (sorry for the gruesome images!). If you are lucky enough to be small-chested, I would suggest a crop top or very soft bra. For those of us who still need some support as well as some breathing space, here I have found a great option which works like a dream... try a band size larger than normal and you can slowly loosen the hooks during the flight. I can't even begin to tell you the difference this can make...

Next we need to address the climate situation...often a long haul flight means a destination with a totally different temperature to the one we are leaving. Help! The only solution for this is layering - which is necessary as each aircraft is different and sometimes you are freezing, when other times the plane is baking hot. For my trip I am doing cooler London weather to hot and humid and rainy Singapore. Quite an easy one, really...

While Kylie Jenner may be okay with wearing gym kit on a flight (and looking gorgeous at the same time), I don't feel I can really carry that off without looking like I just ran out of time to get dressed! But I am stealing the comfort factor and will be wearing black leggings (which are so old I probably should replace them, but they only really come out of the closet for flights!) with an ankle zip and cuff  (to help ensure they are not mistaken for my running kit). I am not great in harem pants, or smart joggers without a heel, so leggings  are the next best thing for me. If you are more a pear shape then definitely embrace the baggier styles and if you just can't face leggings, there are a number of pretty great jeggings (which are super stretchy denim leggings with elastic waistband, but still have pockets?) which could do the trick here. I will be wearing flat shoes - in the form of my favourite skater shoes in animal print. I usually wear them with an insole, so once my feet have swollen up, I can remove said insole and still be able to walk at the other end. No socks to take off - but a cosy merino or silk pair are in my bag to slip on after I am settled on the plane. 

To counter the whole changing temperature thing, I wear a longline vest to keep me comfortable and stop any gaping, riding up and chills. I layer a short sleeved top or tee with a decent length (or sometimes a tee shirt dress for my hot destination so I can ditch the jeans before landing) and then add a long cardigan or coatigan with an enormous scarf/wrap. I can then take on and off items as and when  I need to.  A huge scarf/wrap is probably the most useful item of all - it is a great cover-up for any incidents which might occur on your flight, and much softer than any nasty airline blanket will be. I tend to favour dark colours when travelling (and all other times as well really) to help cover any spillages or mishaps along the way. If I am flying into daytime and anticipating a long, hot transfer to get to my final destination, I might throw some flip-flops into my hand luggage to ease the swollen feet before I finally get a chance to stop and the teeshirt dress can magically come to my rescue too, if I know I might have to be waiting in the heat while I am still grumpy and overtired from my flight... On my own I manage with my huge tote bag as hand luggage with a few necessities inside (sunglasses, lip balm, moisturiser, hand cream, This Works Sleep Balm, Vicks Micromist, Kindle, notebook and pen, tissues etc). I usually take a small cross body bag also to keep my tickets, passport and other valuables safe and easy to find.

Here you can find some ideas which I think would work really well for a long haul flight.

Zipped leggings from Hush £45, Black Tee from Whistles £45, Longline Vest from Hush £22.50, Cashmere socks from The White Company £35, Lingerie from Marks and Spencer, Madewell Transport Tote £142 Animal Skaters from Evans £21.25, Crossbody Bag from Aurora London £64.50, Becksondergaard Scarf £65, Poetry Merino Cardigan £189


Bon Voyage

Meg xx