Eyelash Envy

I have always had Eyelash Envy...mine have been pretty non-existent despite efforts of many different kinds to enhance them! On top of having incredibly short, straight eyelashes, I also have very oily skin and lashes meaning all mascaras end up under my eyes giving the much loved Panda effect. Not my favourite addition to the already enormous bags I am used to sporting under my eyes...

Last year I was very swayed by advice on another blog, fashion fois gras, and after plenty of procrastinating and mountains of research I went ahead and had some eyelash extensions put on/ in! I went to a local salon in Clapham which I would seriously recommend to anyone. It is not too pretty on the outside and you would certainly walk past it a million times and not even know it was there - but my beautician, Marike at Lara Lashes was amazing. The applications were truly painless and the effect was dramatic. I initially did them as I had two Black Tie events close together and thought it would be fun to try...

I am not quite sure how to describe the feeling of waking up each day and seeing these beautiful black fluttery things on my eyes - it was incredible! The downsides were the cost, the maintenance time, and not being able to use eye make up remover without seriously shortening the life of the extensions....I put up with the negatives for quite a few months and became a little addicted to my new eyelashes.

BUT THEN...fashion fois gras once again blogged about mascara which didn't budge and which lengthened your lashes at the same time. I had to give it a shot. She gives a step by step tutorial here which shows the difference. I was not at all sure about the primer underneath business, but I thought it might be worthwhile and let my extensions grow out and then attempted the new mascara. It is absolutely miraculous. Stays on forever with no smudging and makes lashes look at least 3x longer. Despite the extra faffing with the primer, in my humble (and totally inexperienced when it comes to make-up) opinion it is the business!

£10.99 at Boots

£10.99 at Boots

BUT THEN...I was at my usual beauty place having my toes done and noticed the technicians all had extra long eyelashes ( you can see it has become an obsession with me?). Not being shy, I asked if they were real? It turned out they had all been using an eyelash conditioner. After much chat (and obviously a zillion questions from a very suspicious moi) and in a fit of crazy fervour I bought the conditioner. I had to take a deep breath first...at £69

The girls swore that after 1 month, they could see a huge difference. I was not so lucky and it probably took my lashes more like 2 months to show signs of growth and after 3 months they look so much better! I am quite surprised these belong to me!  I am a very happy bunny. 

BUT THEN...the icing on the cake was going back to see Marike at Lara Lashes (nobody else has ever managed to shape and tame my eyebrows quite like her!) for a brow thread and show her my new lashes. She couldn't believe them and dyed them blue-black for me to go on holiday. Apart from this being the best tint I have ever had (have been to many top spas and salons for this treatment and it is uncomfortable and stings my eyes and the effect is almost negligible) which is still going strong 3 weeks later, I managed to ditch the L'Oreal mascara while away.

BUT THEN...I  had been searching high and low for a good waterproof mascara to take away with me, and was coming up with nothing special. Finally I stumbled upon a few reviews of a clear gloss coat to put over your mascara to seal it. At first I was thinking no, that is just one step too far with the faff factor. But then I thought the primer had made such a difference with normal mascara application, maybe I could give it a try? OMG!!! A-MA-ZING !!! This stuff makes my tinted, newly grown lashes look like I have extensions with mascara on! It separates out each lash (top and bottom) and smooths brows perfectly with no clumping and stays until you actually remove it...makes any mascara waterproof too!  Cannot recommend highly enough.

bare Minerals Locked and Coated £9.60

SO NOW I am pretty happy with my eyelashes (there are so many other things for me to improve on now) and I hope I have managed to help any of you out there who also have severe Eyelash Envy.

Meg xx