Holiday Hits

I always have a few things I take on holiday which I absolutely fall in love with...and there are a always a few things I wish I had  never wasted the space in my luggage on. In the spirit of being better prepared next time (and the chance to waste a few precious moments anticipating the next sunny break away) it is a good idea to make a note of these things. A few months down the track and most of us have the rose tinted glasses on and can only remember the great things about the holiday and end up making the same mistakes all over again.

In Sicily this holiday I definitely had a winner. I must have worn my Hush maxi dress nearly every evening. It was all I could do to force myself to wear the other dresses I had with was so cool and comfortable and yet still made me feel like I had made a slight effort for a dinner out. It will be on my wishlist for next summer and I will be first in to buy it, rather than wasting time deliberating and then missing out on my size and ending up getting it from a friend! 

It was absolutely scorchio where we were...too hot to think about putting any clothing on which might touch your body too much. My shorts came out once - but only because I felt obliged! I much preferred baggy shift style dresses to keep me cool. Likewise my feet managed to only be happy in flip flops or my very minimal Sam Edelman Gigis. Even my much adored Gladiators only came out once or twice to ease my packing conscience.

I totally surprised myself by wearing a bikini too - I take it all back! It was too hot for even that extra bit of fabric across my middle. I was super impressed with the styles I chose too - being big busted I went for a halter tie top with side boning from Seafolly in the Goddess range. Every swimwear season I have tried different styles to get comfort and not look too hideous and nothing has come close to these bikinis. Being able to adjust the neck and the chest size with ties really makes a difference! I decided the whole tan lines issue was less important than being comfortable and alleviating the constant need to fuss and fiddle with the fit. 

Definitely try Coco Bay for any Seafolly swimwear.

Definitely try Coco Bay for any Seafolly swimwear.

As far as beach dresses went, I had a definite favourite - my gauze white vest dress from J Crew. It was so lightweight and easy to throw on with all my swimwear. Very sheer, so you maybe might think twice about it at hotel breakfast or out sightseeing, but for all things beach related it was spot on. I will be collecting a few more of these in the sale hopefully... the less lightweight beach dresses I took, I wore once or twice, but kept coming back to this one!

My running kit did come out of the bag, but only the once (embarrassing I know!). Once again, the heat!! Plus being in a villa without gym and without childcare, and the mornings were all about long lazy breakfasts with the family...

As far as toiletries go, I barely wear make-up at the best of times and like to give my skin a good rest on holiday anyway. I always make sure to take my cleanser and moisturiser and a few sample sized masks with me. This holiday I also took the most amazing waterproof mascara with me, which I will tell you all about later...Suncream was easy peasy with Riemann P20. I swear by this for the whole family and my rather oily, blemish-prone skin is happy to use it. Maybelline Baby Lips are my top sunshine lipsticks with a tiny bit of colour and lots of SPF... I do insist on taking my own shampoo and conditioner as well as Hair Veil due to the salon-aided blonde highlights. Luckily they all come in 100ml bottles so I can still put them in my hand luggage.

Rounding up for Next Time I will be sure to leave the shorts and tops at home and go with dresses only. Likewise, I will have to look at the destination and make a decision on running kit. I feel so guilty when I don't pack it! One pair of sandals with my neutral flip flops is plenty for me on a family holiday, but maybe a few new maxi dresses if Hush can sort that out next season? 

Let me know how your packing went?

Meg xx