Be True To Yourself

I think we all have a tendency to fall in love with whatever the latest fashion trends are and sometimes adopt them despite the fact the trend doesn't really suit us?

I have to constantly remind myself not to fall into this trap, and help clients to steer clear of what isn't the most flattering item on them. But it is equally unfair to have pass up on some of the pieces which could so easily update your wardrobe, if they only suited you! My advice is to have fun with your clothes and always be comfortable and confident - these are the most appealing parts of any outfit.

It can be really helpful to define what your personal style actually is. Once you have that sorted, you can keep to your best shapes and mix up whatever is latest on the trend scene.

A mix of basics which flatter you are your best means of getting dressed.

A mix of basics which flatter you are your best means of getting dressed.

This can mean you feel like you often end up wearing very similar versions of the same thing over and over, but the secret is in accepting your best looks and moving forward with them, rather than being a slave to the latest and newest thing everyone else seems to be wearing.  Here are a few tips to help you...

Finding someone you admire and following (some may call it stalking?) their style can help put you on the right path. Use Pinterest, Instagram and other social media.

Have a look at your wardrobe and see what you choose most often, and what you are constantly coveting, but end up returning constantly.

Think of five words which you would use to describe your style (or the style you are aiming for) and keep them firmly imprinted on your mind whenever you start making wish lists for the season ahead...

Figure out the colours which best suit you (these colours should ideally fade the wrinkles, make your eyes shine and generally add a look of wellbeing)) and then use the correct shades for you to match up whatever the latest trends are...

 And finally think about where you are wearing your clothes; are you mostly in the office, or mostly with the kids, or mostly entertaining and out on the town? Try to divide your wardrobe accordingly so you have enough outfits for each part of your life, with some crossover to make full use of all items.

When you first start out building a wardrobe for YOUR style, it can be easiest to start with simple basics you can wear often and change the look with a patterned bold dress you may only want to be seen in once or twice with the same gang, but a more subtly coloured number could be changed up each time you wear it with different jacket, scarf, jewellery, shoes, bag etc, so that the dress is merely a background which is not as noticeable. Once you feel more confident in making the right choices, you can start to add in more one-off items. Each new season starts to become a time when you just add in a few of the latest trends (tailored to your style) which keep your constant staples looking fresh and new.

So be wary in the summer sales! It is not a bargain if you never end up wearing it! And if you need a shopping buddy, check out my website and give me a call...

meg xx