too hot too fast?

So I got caught yesterday trying to do my fake tan with the surprise heat wave in London  and managed to forget to wash it off! Cocoa Brown, you are amazing! Still no streaks and colour not too bad at all despite my misuse of the product!

But what on earth do you wear when the weather changes from day to day between seasons and sometimes even in the space of a few hours? If you are young enough and brave enough I say get your legs out! Shorts can look amazing if you get the top half sorted correctly. In this current weather, a breezy, floaty long sleeved top with something strappy  underneath for any possible sunbathing is perfect. Something a little like this? Anything goes on your feet with this sort of outfit.

But if you are a mere mortal unblessed with these golden limbs and gorgeous figure we need to look further for something comfortable and warm weather appropriate for real life! For those of you blessed with a waist still, you need to embrace the skirt. Any shape is great...knee length or midi are the most on-trend at present as is of course anything denim. Add a floaty plain white tee to a patterned skirt or some bright colour to a denim skirt or clash it all up something like below...If you feel a little over-dressed in a skirt, make your footwear more solid and "ugly" to ground the prettiness. Trainers, skate shoes and sliders work well here.

Alternatively if you are brave and don't have the same scaredy-cat attitude I have to dressing too summery and getting caught in the deluge later, you can go straight to your summer dresses and add a long cardigan or denim jacket if necessary? Again emphasise the utilitarian style of footwear to take away the smarter feel of a dress...

A maxi dress is also a Godsend during these kinds of changeable weather spells. Covers the legs for a bit of warmth (or modesty or laziness if you can't be bothered to tan or defuzz) and yet keeps you cool if the sun does get fierce. Easy enough to add a jacket or cardigan to, and flat sandals or trainers for a great running around outfit. Plus this can be a staple in your holiday wardrobe for every possible occasion from over your swimsuit for breakfast to dressed up with some jewellery for dinner out...

Bea Stripe Maxi Dress at Fatface £50

Bea Stripe Maxi Dress at Fatface £50

Perfect warmer weather casual style?

Perfect warmer weather casual style?

If you still feel like these options are all too dressy for your daily routines, some 3/4 jeans or chinos with a cool top are the perfect easy ensemble...this is where online store Hush gets things right every time!

As the sun continues to come and go, I am still clinging to my jeans - I am an addict! But I hope these ideas have helped the more summer-embracing of you out a little?