Fit Kit...

Are you keen to get fit and strong, but the thought of trying to squeeze yourself into skintight lycra puts you off?  It doesn't have to be that way anymore, and I promise you also don't need to resort to old, baggy trackie bums with an even older tee shirt to cover yourself up... It can seem a little daunting to join an exercise class or group where everybody already appears perfectly toned wearing super skin tight lycra.  But a few tricks can help you to feel better in your work-out kit, which will hopefully encourage you to exercise more often too. Win win!

If this is what you are already wearing - this blog is not for you!

If this is what you are already wearing - this blog is not for you!

Even exercise kit needs to be styled according to your body shape in order to look your best...any leggings you choose are best if their finished length ends at one of the narrowest points of your leg. This is usually below your knee or ankle grazer length. There are very few among us who can actually look good in capri style tights which end on the widest part of your calf muscle; so these are probably best avoided. Obviously dark colours are both the easiest to buy and the most flattering on. If you are wanting to draw attention to your legs and away from your top half, then go for a dramatic pattern or colour - there are plenty to choose from today.. Here are a few which I love - I am a big fan of the cheaper Nike basic tights which you can use the zipped ankle to adjust to best flatter your leg!

Now what to wear on your top half? Firstly, please make sure you are wearing a properly supporting bra. No matter your size, it makes sense to protect this sensitive tissue as much as is humanly possible. For those less well endowed you have a very wide selection like this one or this one. For those of us who need a lot more support the selection is very small. I am a huge fan of the Shock Absorber Bra which goes up to an F-Cup. Another very popular model is this Freya one which I plan to trial next.

What to wear on top? Since we are in warmer weather, I will stick to some tips for short/sleeveless options for you...If you want to disguise a less than taut tummy, look for something which has a bit of flow to the shape. If you are looking to lengthen your legs, the longer your top the better. If you are very busty, a lower neckline is more flattering, making a high neck great for flatter chests.

I am a firm believer that if your clothing is of a more technical fabric, feels soft on your skin with no rubbing or chafing, and looks ok to be seen on the street in, then you are far more likely to throw it on in the morning. Once your kit is on, it is half the battle towards working out already done. I never really want to go for a run, but I love the feeling once I am home again, knowing I have been doing good for my body. I do think the most important piece of kit has to be your footwear (and the right socks!). It is well worth having a proper fitting session with a professional. Once you know which brand and fit are best for your foot, you can then shop online for the best price. A double layer sweat wicking sock is also amazing in the warmer months - you will thank me once you have tried them!

Definitely keep your eye out in the sales; which are starting as we speak...the higher end brands like Sweaty Betty and Lululemon have amazing sales where you can grab yourself some great bargains. You may need to shop out of season, but it is so worthwhile when you finally get to wear that fabulous piece of kit you coveted for so long.

I hope I have inspired you to get your Fitness Kit on and get out there. 

Meg xx