Spring Cleaning

I have finally managed some time to do my own Spring Wardrobe Detox...it is definitely not as easy doing your own as it is for clients. Lack of objectivity really gets in the way! Luckily I have a pretty small capsule wardrobe of mostly neutral, classic items with the odd bright or pattern thrown in, which makes things a little less challenging. One thing which I always do for myself, as I am putting away the winter things for storage is to make a note of what items were my most successful (read there that I ended up wearing them ALL THE TIME) and what items hardly saw the light of day! It can be a fascinating journey and really helps to figure out your individual style and idiosyncrasies, before going on to make purchases for Spring.

You do need to start with an entirely empty wardrobe, and only put the items you have tried on and LOVE back into circulation. As you are trying on, figure out some different ways to wear your favourite things and imagine which new items can slot in to bring you up to date for the season ahead. 

When looking at my winter clothes, I had a few pairs of jeans which I absolutely adored, but they never really helped me to look my best. You know those days when, every time you catch a glimpse of yourself, you vow never to wear them again?! So they have gone to the charity bag. I also had a few tops which were great on a seriously skinny day, but mostly stayed in the cupboard as I like to eat too much...I decided I am not going to be held to ransom by them and they can go to a skinnier home. The old faithfuls are still the same and I have to admit I manage to smuggle lots of them in for Spring as well - lets face it Spring in UK still calls for some warmer outfits!

The sad thing is I don't have many gaps to fill - I hate to have so many clothes I never know what to choose, so my researching and list making skills are really being tested now. 

I like to think I know my current style (we all change constantly I think) and am mostly a background, non-attention grabbing dresser. I like to be comfortable above all else. I give a slight nod to current trends, but tend to stick to my tried and tested looks. My head is easily turned by the latest magazines, blogs and Pinterest, but as I get (much) older, I am just as happy browsing as I am actually forking out the cash and buying the items! My virtual baskets are many, but it is not often they actually make it to the check out!

On my everyday wishlist for Spring:

- the Perfect White Tee (another blog coming up- this is like finding a needle in a haystack). 

- a super comfortable for lots of walking, gladiator sandal, in exactly the right shade of neutral

- khaki trews - style and fabric to be determined but something like this perhaps

- white relaxed jeans

Ripped Boyfriend Jeans at Zara £29.99

Ripped Boyfriend Jeans at Zara £29.99

These few items will keep my fave pieces ticking over while the weather comes and goes. How is your wishlist shaping up? Do you have any rules you follow or tips for us all?

Meg xx