You really need this...

So with the weather the way it is at present, who knows what to put on in the morning?! Quite the conundrum. And if we have another spot of amazing high summer temps like we had in London this week, it will be just as excruciating getting out the lily white legs and arms, wouldn't you agree? 

I admit I am not a fast transitioner and it takes me longer than most to give up on my trusty jeans and move into summer dresses or shorts. I am always impressed by the girls wearing their strappy dresses or tiny shorts as soon as the big yellow ball in the sky shows its face. Not for me so far....but I have a discovery which may help me change my mind and my clothes sooner...

Probably old news to many of you, but I am not big on beauty knowledge (in fact I am the most minimal girl you ever met when it comes to beauty routines) and I took up some blogosphere advice on Self Tan this week.  I Was Amazed!

Come on down Cocoa Brown Self Tan...

I have not used self tan since they all smelled hideous and made you turn a nasty shade of orange with horrid telltale streaks everywhere you touched. I was, naturally, very nervous and pretty much already decided that this would just be another big disaster. Boy was I pleasantly surprised!

I was so sure this wouldn't work for me that I only purchased a trial size (serious error on my part). I followed all the steps laid out ...the beginner kit I bought included exfoliant (which was heavenly) and moisturiser (which comes out a scary brown colour even though it has no tint whatsoever). The final step is the tanning mousse which I applied with a tanning mit. The secret is to leave it to develop for a minimum of 3 hours. Quite boring, but it is best to let your skin air dry really well first and the longer you can stay that way, the better your tan will be. I was only doing legs which was pretty easy. But after the three hours you rinse the mouse off and hey presto - you should see some tan. I was a little disappointed at first and wished I had waited longer, but later that same day my legs were a really healthy looking shade. Not super tanned off the beach, but not white and nasty either. I Like It A Lot. I may become addicted..

This is the cute travel kit I bought online and then used the clear plastic bag for all my travel liquids after.

This is the cute travel kit I bought online and then used the clear plastic bag for all my travel liquids after.


This stuff is pretty popular it seems and can be hard to track down, so my advice is to stock up whenever you see it. It is currently in Superdrug £7.99 for 150ml and buy one get second at half price... I can even see myself giving this a shot instead of my usual spray tan before holiday, particularly as it should be easy enough for even the husband to apply where I can't reach? 

Let me know how you get on - if nothing else just buy the Tough Stuff body scrub as it looks, feels and smells divine!