Travelling Outfits

I don't pretend to be at all glamorous, but I firmly believe if you feel happy with how you look, it can make an enormous difference to how you feel and consequently how you come across to other people.

I hate looking like a bag lady when I am travelling. I am not the one in trackie bums and hoodie for comfort on the plane...but I am also not the one in heels and skinny jeans! I like to think there is an option for us all which falls somewhere in between and can help us all to feel fantastic. I am aiming for this sort of look below...Olivia has it all sorted. 

A comfy but stylish pair of baggy harems, or boyfriend jeans do the trick as well, grey or white simple tee and flat pumps, with the compulsory shades to hide any tired eyes  from early starts!  This could (and probably should) be the base for any season holiday travelling combo. I would always add a big scarf for a chilly morning start, or a cold airplane, or a child who needs a pillow or blanket, as well as a bit of colour and interest to the staple outfit.  Then a top layer would be necessary on almost any day leaving the UK! Perhaps a jersey blazer for comfort and to save packing it in your luggage, or a longline cardigan for all those evenings in Spring when you still need a layer to sit outside in the evening. Layers are the key to comfortable travelling as the temperature can vary wildly. I avoid any jewellery as it invariably sets off the metal detector and wastes time being searched. Likewise, slip on shoes are necessary for ease of undressing at security check. I did hear an elderly couple in front of me this trip, saying they may come in their swimsuits next time to save themselves the undressing hassle!

Make sure you have a good tote bag to carry all your necessary liquids, entertainment et al and you are good to go. This one is good for your darker winter wardrobe as well as lighter spring shades - ideal for those crossing hemispheres on their trip.

Zara Ombre Leather Shopper £70

Zara Ombre Leather Shopper £70

Now you have some ideas for what to wear en route all we need to attack now is what to pack and more importantly what not to pack! For next time...