Getting your ankles out

The first thing I love to do as soon as the mercury moves up the tiniest fraction, is to ditch my winter boots and get my ankles out... obviously this has  felt like taking my life into my hands the past few weeks as it has started out sunny and promising in the morning but by lunchtime my feet and frozen solid and turning blue.  But I will not be deterred and am hoping to keep the boots off for good now!

I think a little flash of ankle adds so much to every possible outfit. The peek of skin makes your legs look longer -and we can all do with that unless we are Taylor Swift with our legs insured for $4 million - and the array of different styles of shoes we can wear is just enormous.

Lucky Taylor!

So where to start with what to wear now we have ditched the boots but it is nowhere near warm enough for strappy sandals and you are bored with ballet pumps?  First choice on the fashion scene is the white trainer which I talked about here

   Addidas Stan Smith Originals from £67


Addidas Stan Smith Originals from £67

If you can't quite get your head around trainers like me - I just feel like Minnie Mouse whenever I look down at my own feet -then have a try with the skater shoe. This style is still around  from last year and has gained in popularity if anything. I was very hesitant to wear these, fearing mutton and lamb comments, but they are fantastic! Comfort and fashion in a shoe - unheard of?! I have a few pairs now and find they are my first choice on most days at present.Try a neutral pair first and possibly with a slightly patterned fabric to avoid them feeling too solid.

There are so many versions out there to choose from including leather, PU, canvas, velvet...try them on with a rolled up jean and see which colours and patterns suit you best.

Or try the newer pointed versions at for a slightly smarter approach.

If neither of these styles are appealing to you, how about a loafer? Platform or otherwise...

Top tip for anyone with legs not meeting their expectations of length is to wear a pointed or longer almond shaped toe. A square or very round toe can stop the leg abruptly, where a pointed toe pretends to go on for longer...add in a lower rise and a bit of toe cleavage and you instantly have an inch added to your legs.  Below you have also added some animal print for interest and to soften up the black. 

Dune Hymm Pointed Pumps  £59

Dune Hymm Pointed Pumps  £59

Mint Velvet Pixie Leather Pump Shoes £79

Mint Velvet Pixie Leather Pump Shoes £79

You may have noticed how much I love shoes - there are still many to come! You never change your shoe size no matter how many chocolate bars or bags of crisps you have been consuming and they can totally change the vibe of your outfit. Another trend at the moment is the lace-up flat which has been in all the  magazines ...the original is the Aquazurra flat leather ballerinas which are mostly sold out all over despite being £440. But they are beautiful...

Already copied all over the High Street for a fraction of the price and in many different variations.

If I still haven't managed to persuade you to ditch your boots, maybe you were just waiting for a modern version on the slipper?

Or are you more of a T-Bar girl?

If you still haven't felt the urge to go out and have a try on session, then I applaud your willpower, and can you please give me some lessons?!  Just wait till we get to choosing sandals...

As ever, let me know what you end up with.