Are white jeans for you?

The Fash Pack have been wedded to their all white ensembles all through the winter, but with the first signs of Spring about, it is time for the rest of us mere mortals to embrace our white jeans also. I can hear loads of you gasping in horror, but I promise once you have given it a try and realised how easy they are to dress up and down, you will be a firm convert. I had my first pair last year and fell in love - they are THE perfect foil to an apple shape with skinny legs I think! But they are equally as flattering to most body shapes, not least because any style goes...skinny, boyfriend, straight, flare, distressed, mom... Plus they go with ANY colour on top - go crazy and even embrace the Spring Floral trend at the same time?

They look great while you are still grabbing for a coat over the next few weeks...

But then just as fabulous very casual as it heats up outside...

The most talked about pair at the moment are the Topshop Hayden in ecru  - a great first try for this trend. You don't look down and feel like you are an advert for Aerial!

The distressed look, or ripped knees at the very least, takes these jeans to a different edgier level and leaves all images of Liz Hurley behind...I know you were worrying about that one.

Add a pair of heels and a blazer for the evening and you are good to go. 

Just to help you on your way here are the top picks to help you dip your toe into white jeans on the High Street now:

Let me know what you find and how you get on....

Meg xx