Can I wear flares?

Back to jeans again...could this be a bit of a theme?

I have been watching flares creep back on to the scene for the last few seasons but I have been slow to embrace them. I think we can all agree that when skinny jeans first came on the scene all those years ago, we were pretty scared of them too? But now that every woman, man, grandmother and toddler is in skinnies, it may be time to dip a toe into the much more muddy waters of the flare...


For me I need to overcome the "been there, done that" issue. I remember wearing bootcut and flared jeans 10 years ago. I also remember the biggest hassle with them was having to have a different length for every shoe you fancied wearing.  Unlike skinnies, which you can slip on with any height heel or flat, a flare requires a lot more thought on footwear. Come to think of it, flares also require more thought on top half too - too baggy and you can look fat, too short and you look very square, to tuck in for the Charlie's Angels look, and don't even get me started on flattering coat lengths. They are not really selling themselves are they? It helps to be extra thin and leggy!  I guess that is why this certain trend is taking a lot longer to filter through to the High St.


flares baggy top.jpg


I don't think the skinny will ever go away - it just helps too many women to look fantastic and it is so easy to style. But, we may need to put our skinnies to the back of the wardrobe and get our flare on. 

This is what we are aiming for...

This is what we are aiming for...

I am thinking spring will definitely make this an easier option. A chunky wedge heel will be perfect and a bit of bare toe peeking out under looks very chic. For the taller or leggier amongst us, a flat round toed trainer could also be the business.  My advice is to keep it chunky looking and the jeans to be sitting almost on the ground...time to find a great tailor or follow the other new trend of cutting and distressing the hem yourself.

I say you can make flares work for you...go forth and conquer...good luck!

meg x