Do you love denim? Does it love you back?

So we are all hearing about the denim craze that is going to be SS2015, but honestly how does that relate to our everyday life?!


I am a huge fan of denim- I have been toying with the latest additions lately, but jeans are still my BIG favourite. I am not sure how I could get dressed everyday without a pair of jeans. They do cause a lot of pain to many of us though. From the look of all the articles dedicated to finding your perfect jeans, it is something like the Holy Grail.

I admit I fall in and out of love with each of my pairs of jeans constantly -  I am not going to fess up just yet as to how many pairs there are.  But there remains a Quest for the PERECT PAIR. Never going to happen.

I have tried many a designer pair – and yes, maybe I will  admit the denim is sometimes a higher quality. But if I am paying upwards of £200 I expect to look just like the size 0 model/ shop assistant and I have yet to meet denim which is actually magic. These expensive mistakes have all been donated as they were never that comfortable, needing to be so tight to look great.  I prefer to breathe  and eat normally all day long without restriction!

And as an Apple shape, no designer brand (that I have tried and I am always happy to try a new one) has a stretchy enough waistband in the correct rise to also fit my thighs nicely…ho hum.

So trawling through the vast amount of expertise offered on this very emotional subject, I have done a round up of some of my current favourites. All for you!

Come on down High Street jeans.

I think there is a pair here for everyone, as long as you are willing to try on multiple pairs in multiple sizes, and sometimes even 3 pairs of the exact same Jean in the exact same size. Be warned! Go ready for battle. (Or you can just book me for a jeans shopping session to ease the pain?)

Topshop – I am not a huge fan. I love their advertising and am often enticed by the fact many fashion editors swear they wear Topshop jeans. But when I see them and touch them, I remain wholly unconvinced. The denim is sooo thin, and the fading and whispering is slightly off in the blue jean versions. Fitting rooms are hideous and I am always reminded of the original “jegging”when I have them on . Plus I feel like I need a teenage daughter to even go shopping in there!

Gap- I am known to have a few pairs in my wardrobe. They have some serious goodies,but it is very hit and miss. I take advantage of the 30% discount days and order online (more sizes available). I particularly love their  boyfriend distressed range. Bonus is they wash and tumble dry perfectly well.

Mango- early adopters of whatever the latest cut and wash is. Cut for the slightly pear-shaped girl sitting lower on the waist. Blue jeans can sometimes be just the “wrong” wash. Great price point for trying out a new style…

Mint Velvet- love some of their styles, great for Mumtum with that elusive mid rise fit. Not more than a one season Jean unless you are handy with some Dylon in the wash though. Far fewer styles to choose between which can be a silver lining for many of us.

Zara- my personal go to. Up to the minute with cut and denim. Great value so you can have several pairs of different styles. Definite downside is the stretch factor – I find as long as I can do up the button (just!) that is the right size to buy. After a few hours wear, they will ease to be the perfect fit. They DO NOT go in the tumble dryer – unless you need them shortened  by an inch or two. Beware if you are tall, as they do come up on the shorter side of average I believe.


But just when you have got your mainstay bread and butter jeans sorted, along come all the new styles and trends ….are you staying in your skinny jeans, or are you branching out to embrace flares, culottes, or a denim dress? 

Let me know how you get on?