I love a catalogue...

On a grey, dull, threatening to rain kinda day, it is always nice to hear the plop though the letterbox of a Spring Lookbook. Great excuse to stop for a coffee and a browse. Although it can be a dangerously expensive break...I can usually be found with so many pages with their corners turned down marking my favourites, or I become so engrossed I end up going online and filling my virtual basket until reality hits again.

One of my favourite mail-order companies has to be Hush. I find their style very relaxed and translatable to real life. I also love their generous sizing, helping me believe a week without wine was the reason for dropping down a size! What more can a girl ask? Their online reviews of each item are incredibly helpful if you want to avoid hassle trips back to the Post Office for exchanges or returns.  Customer service is brilliant too - just call for any queries at all and they are so willing to help.

Top of my wishlist from their gorgeous Spring line (available this week at 10% discount with code SPRING15) are the following 5 items - it is so hard to choose only 5!

1. denim dress  £65   Perfect on-trend piece for Spring. But oh so great with tights and ankle boots now to get the most out of it!

2. khaki avignon trousers £45  Have heard good things about the fit of these trousers...will try as a comfy alternative to boyfriend jeans in the colour of the season.

3. neon yellow love disc bracelet £25  orange thinner sea bracelet £14.95  Bright summery arm candy - what's not to love

4.linen v-jumper in yellow £49.95  These jumpers wash beautifully and are so comfy to wear.

5. beetroot classic silk shirt £140 Price point a bit steep, but oh the colour! 

So take a look for yourself and see how long your wishlist gets...

Meg xx