Do you train?

And I am not talking about exercise!

I am very very torn about wearing trainers, despite them being a pretty high-fashion item. I just hate the way my feet look from above...a little bit Minnie Mouse maybe? This is not to say I have not dipped my toe in over the years (haha). I find converse just so uncomfortable and blister inducing, and I am not sure of the sense in a trainer with a wedge as the lack of comfort there is just plain mean! Any pair I have bought is still in my cupboard looking pretty much brand new, as I just don't seem able to pull them into my preferred style.

But the rest of the fashion world is going crazy for them and me being the fickle Gemini I always am, will no doubt be adding a new pair to the cupboard for Spring...let's take a quick look at the latest.

So far there has been a lot of talk about the original Stan Smiths - I agree they look fantastic (on other people). I would be torn between wanting to keep them pristine white and trashing them immediately so I didn't feel they were a beacon for attention.

So pretty and white... but definitely in need of tanned ankles.

I am thinking something a little less showy for a hip look under my flares...

neutral snakeskin perhaps?

neutral snakeskin perhaps?

Or back to the more sporty image from where the trainer came?

The supercool addidas gazelle.

The supercool addidas gazelle.

You can see I am easily led by the neutral toned trainers...but I was very proud not to succumb to the NB trend occurring last autumn, despite them looking so damned gorgeous.

The latest and greatest trainer style craze is now in the hands of addidas once again.

I can see just how versatile they might be in my very neutral capsule wardrobe...but the whiteness of them ? I am happy to remain sitting on the fence and wearing my skate shoes for a bit longer I think. But watch this space....