The Great White Shirt

I don't know how many times I have read or been told that a white shirt is a staple in a woman's wardrobe...Unfortunately I have been VERY late to this particular party, having only just found a white shirt which I am happy in!

I think a white shirt can look timeless, elegant and on-trend all at the same time, but for those without a prefect supermodel figure, it can be a tricky thing to get right...

An oversized mannish shirt is the easiest look to master. But the fabric of the shirt is crucial to how flattering it will be on YOU.  I love the idea of a silk version, but for daytime wear it just isn't feasible in my life. The cheaper silk versions I have found  are not quite long enough or the sleeves are cut wrongly - tiny details which make them a no-go for me. It may be a different story if my budget was happy to stretch the famous Equipment Brand. But with grubby 6 year old twin boys I am thinking this is a big no?

Perfect for the summer and so easy to throw on over your bikini on holiday. 

Just as great dressed up with a blazer...

I recommend staying away from the stiffer cotton versions and looking instead for brushed cotton or viscose mix, especially for girls who are well endowed in the bust area... Don't be afraid to go up a size to get the slouchy look and ensure the collar frames your face beautifully. As shocked as I am to admit it, my favourite is at M+S at present...everything about it should not suit my body shape, and yet it does. The pockets sit perfectly flat and don't add bulk, the collar moves  whichever way you fancy and folds flat, the fabric drapes without clinging or hanging stiffly, and it is not see-through. Wow!

 It is the softest drape and perfect white all for £28  Oblong Hem Boyfriend Shirt

 It is the softest drape and perfect white all for £28  Oblong Hem Boyfriend Shirt

Once you find the right one for you - there is no looking back! 

Let me know if you find your perfect white shirt?

meg x